Monday, October 26, 2015

Can You Feel Samhain Approaching

I can feel it so much more this year than in years past.  Not sure why that is, maybe I am just more aware this year.  Samhain is the day we honor those that have crossed over.  A day when the veil between the living and the dead is most thin.  I can just feel those spirits around me so much more right now.  Not just my parent, I feel those so much more all the time.  But even community members that have crossed over, smelling certain smells, recalling so many memories, things they shared with me growing up, places we visited together.

Where I lived was definitely a "tribe" mentality.  There were families that were so connected, even though they were not blood related.  Maybe it was more of a connection with children, children being around the same age, spending so much time together.  But the tribe raised the children, parents treated all children like their own, helping out when they were needed, spending time together.  So there were so many adults in my life then, that I trusted.  And many of those have already crossed over.  I just am being flooded with so many of those great memories.  Sharing family time together.  I am so grateful that I had that kind of environment growing up.

Now I try to honor those memories, and those feelings, while at the same time protecting my present, and not letting those linger longer than I want.  I love this time of year, I love remembering my dear friends, in such a magnificent way.  I know their families miss them so much, as do I.  Take this time to be here now, feeling everything.  Take the time to be still and just listen, feel with all your being.  You will feel it too.

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