Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer Beach Vacation

I am a little behind posting pics of our summer beach vacation.  We vacation at the coast every summer, and sometimes more often.  I have to get back to the ocean at least once.  This year was beautiful as always.  I particularly enjoy vacations as it is my time to really unplug.  NO COMPUTER for me.  I rarely get online during vacation time, and it feels good.  This year Jackson and I made a point of walking some distance on the beach almost daily, that was nice.  And I spent so much time enjoying the sun and the surf.  Sitting and chatting with my friend, Nancy, every day. Swimming, talking, having lunch on the beach.  It was so relaxing and rejuvenating.  I loved it.  This year we added evening yoga to our routine.  I really can appreciate how relaxed I feel after yoga, and how much better I sleep.  Anyway, enough talking about it, here are just a few pics:

On one of our morning walks.  Such an awesome backdrop for a walk!

Phillip took some wonderful moon shots on Friday night of our vacation.

On Saturday morning I decided to take some sunrise shots.  Something wonderful about the sunrise. The beginning of a new day.  I am generally the only one up, and it is so quiet and peaceful.  I can have a cuppa tea and just watch everything unfold.

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