Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shortoff Mountain Hike

We actually hiked the Shortoff Mountain trail on September 7, but I am just now taking the photos off my camera.  This was a great hike, such awesome views from the top.  It is around 5 miles round trip, strenuous for the first mile or so as you climb up the mountain.  This part of the hike made me nervous coming down as the trail is mostly loose rocks and steep.  I guess after breaking my ankle a few years ago, while hiking, I am just so cautious now.  Areas where, before I broke my ankle, I would have normally just hiked without even thinking about it, now I look at it differently, and hesitantly.  But this was a beautiful day, beautiful views and with my favorite people.  I am so excited that the boys are coming hiking with Jackson and me more and more lately.  I really enjoy this family time.  Here are a few pics from our hike.

This little guy was growing right in the middle of the trail.  

This picture is for my friend, Nancy, her colors, her favorite time of year.

 OK the picture above was my view as I was climbing the mountain.  YES, those are my boys sitting on the edge of a cliff.  I don't  think you can appreciate my feeling at that moment until you see the picture below and can see some of the DROP. Although the descent doesn't transfer perfectly in a photo, you get the idea! YIKES

Nice place to take a little break.

Me and my honey. I think he is enjoying all these hikes, as much as I am.

Here you can see some of the forest fire damage. Ugly and beautiful all at the same time.

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