Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fair Trade Clothing

OK so I was up REALLY early this morning, and after checking  e mail and writing down a recipe for Honey Wheat Bread, I made yesterday, I decided to sit and knit and watch a movie.  Netflix picked The True Cost as one I would like.  Sure let's watch a documentary on clothing, I mean I am a conscious shopper and know about sweat shops etc.  This should be OK.  Can I say OH MY GOSH!  There was just so much in this movie I did not know, and so many dots connected.  I will certainly be so much more aware now.  I mean seriously if you BUY and/or you WEAR clothing you should really watch The True Cost.  You can rent it and watch it on the movie web site or it is also on Netflix, where you can "watch it now".  I had no idea there was a term "fast clothing", who knew.

Anyway I highly encourage you all to watch, to the end.  So much in there.  And when it is finished you will do just what I did and go to your computer and search "fair trade clothing".  I came up with a good site (The Good Trade) that lists 30 fair trade clothing brands, so please check them out as well.

And here is the trailer for the movie:

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