Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Few Finished Projects

Here are a few things I have been working on and FINALLY finished.  I know you know that feeling, you work on a project and then just need to put it down and pick up something new....well I had a few too many of those projects hanging around so I have decided to finish up a few things.

 The picture above and below are pics of a mermaid tail I just finished.  Funny part is that I have "turned" the photo in my files, but it uploads to blogger sideways, and I am too tired to figure out what is going on.  But I am hoping you can see in the bottom picture how I made it.  I used the crocodile stitch, and started at the bottom end working in a circle.  Then when it was about up to my knees I just started going back and forth adding a "scale" here and there until it was the desired width and a comfortable length to snuggle up under.  Finishing it off I crocheted the end closed and created a tail fin with single crochet in the back loop only.  I was going to make a scalloped edge but instead decided to single crochet around the edge of the tail fin, just to give it a finished look.  

This picture is another sweater I made, using the "create your own pattern...pattern".  Using this pattern you take your measurements and make your own pattern as you go. For this sweater I wanted a longer, ruffled edge.  There are buttons at the top, which was the part that has been left to finish for so long, adding the buttons.  But they are now on and the sweater is finished.  If you want the pattern you can contact Susan at O Suzannah's yarn shop.  It looks a little funky on the shoulders but that would be the shadow from the tree. It really is beautiful and I love it.

These two pictures are of an asymmetric poncho I made using the recycled silk.  This pattern is also from O Suzannah's yarn shop as well as the yarn.  But you can read more about this yarn from the Darn Good Yarn web site.  

Here is just one video on how to do the crocodile crochet stitch, although there are several more out there on youtube.

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