Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Happiness

I had one of the most fabulous weekends this past weekend.  Nothing real exciting but just so many "nice" things.  I love it when that happens, family time, feeling connected and plugged in, great moods all around, beautiful weather, time to get outside and enjoy it all, and time for myself as well.

Saturday I enjoyed spending time at the gym with Jackson, challenging ourselves to that darn Jacob's Ladder, legs that feel like jelly afterward.  If you have never tried a Jacob's Ladder you should, it looks so easy but is really challenging, GREAT leg and butt workout, man!  Here is a little video I found on youtube:

Then I spent time outside knitting.  The weather was perfect in the afternoon, shaded under some trees on our back deck.  Love some alone time relaxing and doing the things I enjoy.

Sunday Jackson and I went for a hike, we hiked the Flat Top Tower Hike up at the Moses Cone Park.  It is a nice well manicured carriage trail. We are generally up early so by the time we got to the park it was about 9 AM, very few people there at all, nice and serene.  The view from the top of the tower is amazing, you can see 360 degrees all around the area, mountains everywhere.  I am no good with directions and identifying what I am looking at in which direction, but luckily for me, Jackson is a wiz at that, so he was able to point out different mountains in the distance.   Of course by the time we were on our way down it was just after 10, so you could hear the sound of the Tweetsie Train whistle every now and again.  The temperature was perfect, around 70 degrees of coolness, which felt really nice!

Following our hike we had lunch at the Coyote Kitchen in Boone.  We have only eaten here once before but it is just so delicious.  So we have now decided we need to hike more up near Boone and Blowing Rock so we can eat lunch here more often.  Just a wonderful selection of vegan, and non-vegan, foods.  And they accommodate food allergies.

Once we returned home, brought the boys Lattes, we decided to see the new Mission Impossible, which was actually quite good, even though that series is really not my thing, and I generally don't enjoy Tom Cruise movies.  It was nice to spend time as a family.

So like I said, nothing spectacular this weekend, but it felt like a spectacular weekend to me!

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