Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Preparing for MY Week

A friend of mine, Nancy, has been telling me how she organizes her food for the week.  To save time by cutting up veggies at once, so if you are cutting up an onion for tonight's dinner and know you need two more for the week, go ahead and cut them all up and put the rest in the refrigerator until needed.  It sounds wonderful.  And if you know me, you know how I LOVE organization, anything to make my day run smoother, find things I need to find and organize my life.  I have shopped for groceries by a list for years. Before I head to the store I plan out what we will be eating for meals for the week, of course not everything as things come up and sometime I just don't feel like cooking, but for the most part I plan meals and plan shopping.  This has been such a time saver.  And I will cut up veggies ahead of time....some veggies....not all....and generally only the ones I will be using for breakfast and/or lunch as well.

Until last week.  Oh My GOSH!  What have I been doing all my life.  My friend neglected to tell me all the benefits to really preparing for my week!  I took time last week to cut up all the veggies as well as pre-cook things like rice, in advance, not only saving me time but SERIOUS peace of mind!  I mean really.  There was one particular day when I really didn't want to be cutting up veggies in the late afternoon.  It is just that time of day when I have been going all day and just want to relax a bit and do NOTHING.  And I was getting myself into a funk, when it popped into my head that everything was already prepared.  All I had to do was toss the veggies in the pan and heat up the rice.  NO CHOPPING at all, great time saver, great energy saver, and great SANITY saver.  THANK YOU NANCY, but really you need to share that little piece of heaven with the world.  Let everyone know what a benefit this is.

Another funny coincidence....while I was at another friends house mid-week, we were chatting as we always do and the conversation took a turn toward food, as it always does.  I mentioned this to her and she pulled out of her purse some coupons for her local grocery store that actually will prep FOR YOU! She called to check out the details and they said that you pick your produce and bring it to the counter and they will prep it how you like it and you just pay for the items, not the service.  How cool is that!  Of course not a grocery store near me, but a definite benefit for my friend.  That would be awesome, to not have to even prep your own produce and not pay extra.

I am sure Nancy probably has plenty of other tips for you over at her web site, maybe I should snoop around there more myself.  You can find her and her tips at .  Enjoy!

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