Friday, August 7, 2015

My Name is Pam and I Am a Yarn "Collector"

Isn't that what hoarders say, they "collect" things.  So maybe I am a yarn hoarder, or maybe a collector or even call me a "stash builder", yeah that sounds much better.  But over the past week I have bought so many great yarns and some ON SALE.  Yes a great yarn sale, can you beat that.  If you live near me and have not been over to visit O Suzannah's Yarn Shop on Union Street in Morganton, you MUST go.  She has some great yarn on sale right now and is getting in so much cool, unique yarn!!

Can you have too many yarn projects on your brain?...Maybe.  I see so many great projects in my yarn. And this photo is only a small portion of what I have, but I can't wait to dig in.  I will say I only have 4 unfinished projects right now on needles.  Will hopefully finish one of those today, if I can keep myself out of the new (wonderful) yarn for that long.  I told myself I would not buy any new yarn without a plan in mind. My problem is, I can see a project for all my yarn.  There is only one ball I don't have a specific project lined up, but I brought it home so I could play with it some and see how it works.  It is a unique yarn and I think I have to see how it knits up first.  But I know there is a project in there somewhere.  So here is my current, most recent, stash purchases.

Isn't it lovely!!

OK the breakdown, here is some yarn that was on sale.  You can see it is a project in the works, an afghan for me.  You can see a little of the pattern here.....NOT finished.

This is going to be a shrug.  Again yarn ON SALE!  It is going to be really soft, love this.  and to the right is some cotton I picked up because I need to make some more dish cloths.

The colorful yarn here is recycled sari silk, and I think that will make a wonderful poncho for me.  I can't wait to dig into that, so delicious!  And to the left is some grey yarn ON SALE!  I made a shawl out of that, loved the pattern and how it turned out, will have to show you that in another post.  

I think this will make another fabulous poncho.  It is thicker, and oh so soft.  It will knit up nicely!

The two in the center of this picture are destined to be a shawl.  I can see the black contrasting nicely, and just bringing out the colors of the Baah yarn.

Oh my GOSH!  This yarn is so luscious!  There is just no other word, I have already made a scarf from this and these two balls are going to make a cowl.  It is silk and yak, yes YAK!  Who knew yak was oh so soft....I mean really....who knew!  You have to feel this to believe it. And in the front right of this picture is some sock yarn.  That will make wonderful self striping socks.

This is the only yarn that doesn't have a project at the moment.  It is a cotton blend, a fingering weight, maybe even a light fingering weight.  It is a boucle, so I am thinking maybe a wrap?  But will have to see how it knits up.  The color is fabulous.  If you have any ideas, or have used this yarn before please leave me a comment, I would love to know what you have done with it.  

And so ends my daydreams for the moment.  I need to get back to a beach cover up I am knitting right now.  It won't take long to finish I just need to stop thinking about future projects and get it done. 

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