Friday, July 31, 2015

Going Home

Although I am really feeling like North Carolina is my home now, I couldn't think of a better title for this post. And I am really excited to see my family again.  I don't see nearly enough of them.  I just booked a vacation for our family back to Maine. It has been just about a year since we were back but I am just so darned excited!!

We will be staying in Damariscotta, which is a great place to stay, as well as being so close to the tiny town in which I grew up.  And I will be able to have the best thai food at The Best Thai, which is really a great name since it is the best thai.  And we will spend a day at the Common Ground County Fair again. I remember that fair when I was growing up, we went for a day while visiting last year, and it is so MUCH BIGGER and better than I ever remembered.  Anyone in the area should check it out for at least one day.

What else can I say.  I was just thinking about how some movies really have such a powerful effect on my mood, my emotions, my day.  I was going to write a whole post about that.  Then Jackson and I started talking about our vacations for this year and here we are.  Heading home in a couple of months!  LOVE IT!

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