Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day and Hiking Table Rock

This is yet another father's day I am spending without my own father.  Happy and sad memories, and wishing he were here with us.  He loved being a grandfather and I know he would have enjoyed my boys so much, just being and playing and doing things with them.  My boys have missed out on such an amazing, quiet, strong person in their lives.  Instead of dwelling on those sad memories for me, we decided to make Jackson's father's day weekend special.  He is without his father as well.

On Friday we decided to start the weekend off with a hike. Table Rock is one we have hiked before.  The last time Jackson hiked TR, the boys were so young that he carried Phillip up the trail, and I watched out for Dallen.  The last time I hiked TR, was with our homeschool group, man that was before I broke my ankle in Dec of 2008, so before then.  This time was so different.  We hiked in the morning it was nice and cool. At the top the breeze was so soft and refreshing.  It was so quiet, no one else interrupting our perfect hike.  You could hear the birds chirping, and there were blueberries along the train to nibble on. 360 degrees of gorgeous views of the mountains and the gorge.  I mentioned to Jackson that he needs to take Friday off once in a while so we can do more of these morning hikes.

Today, father's day, we did the things Jackson enjoys, he picked the day, which involved all of us Frisbee golfing in the 100 degree heat. Whew it was HOT but we made it.  We ended the day with a cook out here at home and Jackson's favorite, strawberry shortcake.

Here are a few photos of our hike, just perfect. (with the exception that our youngest son, Phillip, did not want to go hiking that day).

In places you can still see remnants of the fire on Table Rock in 2014.  Amazing how nature heals.