Monday, April 13, 2015

My Favorite Season

The question for today is "what is your favorite season, and why?", another cooperative blogging post.  I know exactly what my fried will post, but hadn't really thought a whole lot about my favorite season.  I know that winter is my least favorite season, I do not like the all.  But my favorite, hmmmm.

I guess my favorite is summer.  So many wonderful memories of summer.  Of course I have memories of being out of school, swimming, warm weather as a child.  I love the heat, would rather be too hot than too cold. Here in NC it seems like we have no spring, but spring would be a close second for me.  In NC it feels like it goes from cold and winter one day, maybe a couple of days of warm weather, straight into hot summer.  I am OK with that.

For me now, I love time working in the garden.  Another thing North Carolina offers me, a LONG summer growing season, and along with that is eating all the wonderful fruits and veggies we grow and/or purchase at the farmers market.  I love trips to the beach, swimming in the ocean.  I love the sunshine, sitting outside sipping my tea.  I love swimming, and we have a pool so I can swim every day.

So even though it is technically spring here now, it feels like early summer to me, and summer is my favorite season!

If you want to read what my friend, Nancy's, favorite season is and why, pop over and visit her blog, A Present Moment. 

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