Sunday, April 12, 2015

E mail Angst!~

Oh wow, I am so attached to my e mail.  As a busy person, it is how I communicate with other busy people. When my boys were younger e mail was essential.  So much easier than a phone conversation when my children needed me.  Now it is just really convenient.  The last few days I have been "off-line" so-to-speak. I have popped on and off but not really checking my e mail.  It is just that time of year when the outdoors is calling my name.  I am pruning, and weeding, and mulching and mowing.  So many outdoor things to do and the weather is perfect.  Plus this weekend we went to the Mother Earth News Fair here in Asheville.  If you are a gardener and have never been to one of the gardening/homesteading fairs around the county, you are really missing on some inspiration.  There was nothing new at the fair but just being around other people who are excited about gardening, makes my spirit shine.  I do have a couple of ideas in my head now that I am tossing around, thinking about something new for fall/winter gardening, we will see.

But with all of this I have not checked my e mail in probably 4 or 5 days, and there are things I really need to stay on top of, keep in touch with (know what I mean).  And now this has created some angst.  First do I really "need" to keep in touch?  Well yes, these are things that are not life and death, but are coming up in the future and I really need to stay informed.  So maybe "need" is a strong word.  And second I know there will be hundreds of e mails to filter through, mostly junk.  But mixed in there are a few important ones.  E mails I am expecting and know will be coming my way.  I just can't seem to get up the desire to go check.  Right now the desire to go outside to my garden and check on a few things is outweighing my desire to whittle down that stack of e mails.

It is Sunday, certainly the e mails can wait one more day.  I think I am headed out the door.

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