Monday, April 13, 2015

My Favorite Season

The question for today is "what is your favorite season, and why?", another cooperative blogging post.  I know exactly what my fried will post, but hadn't really thought a whole lot about my favorite season.  I know that winter is my least favorite season, I do not like the all.  But my favorite, hmmmm.

I guess my favorite is summer.  So many wonderful memories of summer.  Of course I have memories of being out of school, swimming, warm weather as a child.  I love the heat, would rather be too hot than too cold. Here in NC it seems like we have no spring, but spring would be a close second for me.  In NC it feels like it goes from cold and winter one day, maybe a couple of days of warm weather, straight into hot summer.  I am OK with that.

For me now, I love time working in the garden.  Another thing North Carolina offers me, a LONG summer growing season, and along with that is eating all the wonderful fruits and veggies we grow and/or purchase at the farmers market.  I love trips to the beach, swimming in the ocean.  I love the sunshine, sitting outside sipping my tea.  I love swimming, and we have a pool so I can swim every day.

So even though it is technically spring here now, it feels like early summer to me, and summer is my favorite season!

If you want to read what my friend, Nancy's, favorite season is and why, pop over and visit her blog, A Present Moment. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

E mail Angst!~

Oh wow, I am so attached to my e mail.  As a busy person, it is how I communicate with other busy people. When my boys were younger e mail was essential.  So much easier than a phone conversation when my children needed me.  Now it is just really convenient.  The last few days I have been "off-line" so-to-speak. I have popped on and off but not really checking my e mail.  It is just that time of year when the outdoors is calling my name.  I am pruning, and weeding, and mulching and mowing.  So many outdoor things to do and the weather is perfect.  Plus this weekend we went to the Mother Earth News Fair here in Asheville.  If you are a gardener and have never been to one of the gardening/homesteading fairs around the county, you are really missing on some inspiration.  There was nothing new at the fair but just being around other people who are excited about gardening, makes my spirit shine.  I do have a couple of ideas in my head now that I am tossing around, thinking about something new for fall/winter gardening, we will see.

But with all of this I have not checked my e mail in probably 4 or 5 days, and there are things I really need to stay on top of, keep in touch with (know what I mean).  And now this has created some angst.  First do I really "need" to keep in touch?  Well yes, these are things that are not life and death, but are coming up in the future and I really need to stay informed.  So maybe "need" is a strong word.  And second I know there will be hundreds of e mails to filter through, mostly junk.  But mixed in there are a few important ones.  E mails I am expecting and know will be coming my way.  I just can't seem to get up the desire to go check.  Right now the desire to go outside to my garden and check on a few things is outweighing my desire to whittle down that stack of e mails.

It is Sunday, certainly the e mails can wait one more day.  I think I am headed out the door.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bucket List

For this week's cooperative blogging project (actually last week's but we forgot), we are look at our "bucket list"  the topic is "Do you have a bucket list and if so name one thing on it."

No I don't really have a bucket list.  My interests change so much from day to day, I would be continuously revising my bucket list and have no time to live in the now.  So I don't really have a "bucket list" as such.

I do have an idea in my head of a few things I would love to do, for various reasons.

#1 at the top is to hike the Grand Canyon, from the rim to the canyon floor.  This all started years ago when we were on a family vacation and stopped at the Grand Canyon.  It is just so amazingly beautiful.  And from the rim, to look down into the gorge, is breathtaking.  I knew when I looked down that some day I had to go down there and see it from the other side.  My boys are excited about this as well, so I think this will definitely be a family trip.

I do love hiking, and we have beautiful hikes here in North Carolina as well.  I truly love where I live for all its natural beauty.  So the Grand Canyon is one of many truly awesome hikes.

#2 on my todo list is to go back to Germany, again.  This trip we want to take the boys to Frankfurt am Main, which is where Dallen was born.  We would love to tour the Rhein River area again.  As well as the Black Forest.  So that is a goal of ours.

Other than that, and those really aren't "bucket" items, just on my todo list, I don't really have anything.  I guess I am happy living in the now.

If you would like to see what is on Nancy's bucket list please read her blog: A Present Moment.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Body Image and How a Sweater Changed It

I recently have taken a class in knitting a sweater, top down, creating your own pattern as you go.  The pattern is based on your own measurements and your gauge based on the yarn you choose and the size needles you decide.  My first sweater was lovely, a cardigan.  I used measurements from another sweater I really like.  The arms were a bit big though, so I am not completely satisfied with it.  The second sweater, I made a couple of changes, turned out huge, it was a pull over, I added just an extra inch in the torso to accommodate another layer of clothing, this was supposed to be more of a winter sweater.  I HATE IT!  It is huge on me, so BIG...everywhere.  But looking at it, not in the mirror, it is how I pictured it, and doesn't "look" big until I try it on.

This third sweater, and many of you have already seen the photo, is just perfect.  I decided to ACTUALLY take my own measurements, not measurements of an article of clothing I wear, but my actual body.  (LOL, I know, you would think that would be a given)  And I am in LOVE with this sweater.  It fits me perfectly.  I love the fit, the colors the design.  It is light weight and perfect for spring.

I was so amazed at how my own body image is so distorted from my actual body.  I think it comes from growing up being told I am fat.  School kids calling me fat. Having extended family tell me it is in my genes, I am destined to be fat. I think after a while I really started to believe that is who I was and somehow it is how I am meant to be. Like there is nothing *I* can do to change it.  So even though I am changing things, I still don't see myself as changed.  I still see that image that was so pounded into my head. Looking at school age pictures of myself, I can see now, that I was not *fat* then.  But as a child you see yourself so differently, I saw myself through the eyes of my family and friends.  Now I get to see myself as I really am.  The fabulous person that is me.  I get to change that image I have in my head.  I get to ignore all the *critics*.  And I get to make so many wonderful sweaters that look and feel amazing and FIT me!

So much to learn from a simple sweater!