Sunday, March 8, 2015

Up Early AGAIN.....and the Things that Have Dragged Me Down

Here I am again, up at 4:00 this morning.  Again it is quiet.  This morning I don't even hear Howard 2.0 crowing outside, even he decided to sleep.

I just couldn't sleep, woke up from a bad dream and just can't seem to settle my mind back down. Yesterday seemed to be a hard day for me and I couldn't get switched around, couldn't change my path.  I felt like little irritating things were jumping on my back until they weighed me down and I couldn't get them off or figure out a way forward.  I don't have those days often and I am glad.

One irritating thing had to do with the homeschool conference I help coordinate.  Without going into details, it just makes me question why I do it at all.  I mean I live here in the South so the type of conference we organize suits those that the more mainstream Christian conferences do not.  Which means a smaller audience, but a truly grateful audience.  But all it takes is one or two nasty people to make me question why, after all these years, I continue.

Add in a few other nagging worries and my day was just not what I had intended, even with the wonderful weather that pulled out of such a cold morning.

Today I will change all of that.  Today I will start fresh, and turn things around for myself.  Worry and stress do not fit me well.  So today I will get rid of those and have a better day, a day of things that fill my soul. A day of connecting with family, of focusing on all the great things in my life, a day of light, a day of happiness, a day of basking in all that is good.

I hope you all have a wonderful day as well!

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