Saturday, March 7, 2015

Silence in the Wee Hours

Not sure why but I was up at 4:00 this morning.  I just could not sleep and was frustrated with just being in bed looking at the ceiling NOT sleeping so I decided to get up and putter around a bit.  It is so quiet at this hour.  I can hear the ticking of the grandfather clock reminding me of the time.  The heat is on, yes it turned frigid yesterday, brrrrr.  I have wind chimes under the ceiling vents for the electric heat, so I can hear the tinkling of the chimes, very nice.  I can also hear Howard 2.0, our rooster, crowing out there.  What is he doing up at this hour?

Howard is so funny, he and 5 of our hens fly in and out of the mesh fencing ad lib.  They come and go and so far have been safe from coyotes and neighborhood dogs.  I will say he is a smart, attentive rooster and takes good care of his hens.  They will sometimes fly into their portion of pasture and roost in their coop, and sometimes will just find a nice tree for the night.  I listen for him in the morning and know what tree they were in last night.  This morning I think they must be in one of the bushes by the driveway, that is where is sounds like his crowing is coming from.  I love that sound, something so soothing when I hear it.

But that is it really.  I do hear the dogs once in a while, their nails clicking on the tile floor of the kitchen.  I am just puttering around the house picking up bits and pieces of things left around, passing the time.  Maybe I will find a movie to watch, something soothing.  Maybe make a cup of tea.

These sleepless nights, as a child, would bother me so.  I guess it was the idea that I had to get up to go to school in the morning and a restless night would mean I was tired in the morning.  Now I don't let it bother me.  I feel like my body knows best.  I know that in an hour or two I will be feeling sleepy again and can go back to bed.  But for now I am enjoying this time to myself.  ~Night all!

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