Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Aunt and My Mom... memories and sadness

My Aunt crossed over earlier this week.  I have been sad all week.  I think her passing brings on all the sadness I felt, and still feel, at losing my own mother years ago.  I can still remember how it felt like my heart was just ripped out, I had this deep ache in the pit of my stomach...I know this is how my cousins are feeling right now.  The waves of sobbing that would hit me when I was least expecting it...yeah, they are going through all of that.  I hate that for them. I wish there was a way to make it better, make it go away. I know there isn't. I miss my mom so much.

My mom and her sister were very close, so our families spent time together.  She will be missed.  They spent a lot of time together, and looked enough alike that people would mistake one for the other.  I remember Christmas Eve get togethers at my Aunt's house, watching It's a Wonderful Life.  I remember my Aunt coming over to our house so my mother could give her a home perm. I remember picnics and dinners.

When they were together those sisters cracked each other up, which was such a joy to see.  They would laugh so hard that their faces turned red, they couldn't speak, they were doubled over laughing so hard tears were streaming down their faces.  I loved that part.  I loved to see my mom so happy and joyful with her sister.  I remember that so vividly. I can picture them standing in our kitchen laughing.

They grew up in hard times, and had both been through difficult times, and they made it through, they flourished.  That is how I KNOW that my cousins will make it through, just as I have made it through.  We ARE their daughters.  We may never get over this pain, for me it continues, but we will flourish.

I miss them both.
My Aunt

Here is another picture of my aunt, she is standing on the right, this pic was taken summer 1969

Here is another picture of my aunt, she is the one sitting.  This was taken July 4, 1971

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