Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"From where do I draw my strength?"

That is the question for this weeks cooperative blogging project.  From where do I draw my strength? Which is an appropriate question for me at this time.  Dealing with just a few stressors in my life right now, I have thought about this a lot lately.

I have wonderful family and friends, who support and encourage me, they certainly feed my strength, and uplift me, give me energy when I need it.  But do they give me strength?  No, I don't think so, I was a strong woman before I knew or met these people.  From my mom?  Maybe she was truly a strong woman who overcame obstacles, and believed in herself.  But I am, I feel, an even strong woman now then I was when she was alive.

Maybe it is genetic and does come from my family.  Is this something you can pass on genetically, part of our DNA, what makes us who we are.  That drive and determination, the strength that allows us to overcome and not crumble, to push further and harder when we need it, the strength to know when some pampering and love is essential.  I do come from a family of strong women.

Maybe it is how I was raised, you know "nature vs nurture".  I was raised by a strong woman.  Raised to believe in myself and my strength, raised to overcome, raise to reach higher, to be and do anything I want to be and do. Raised by a strong woman to be a strong woman.

I really don't have the answer but I do know that it comes from deep down inside myself, the strength I need, the insight, the growth.  It comes from within me.  It is not something external, although those external influences certainly help.  I am a strong woman.

If you would like to know from where Nancy draws her strength, please visit A Present Moment.

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