Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What to do with an Empty Nest

This was actually the blogging prompt for Monday, but I needed an extra day to gather my thoughts a bit. My boys are growing up, becoming more independent.  But we have never lived our lives in "stages".  There was no transition from grammar school to middle school, or middle school to high school.  No preschool here and no high school graduation.  We have never had "grades" or report cards, no terrible twos or rebellious teen years.  It has always been about living a joyful life, doing what we want to do, learning in the process of living.  Growing as a family and as individuals.  So I have never thought of a cut off, empty nest sort of thing.  The home here feels as much my boys' home as it does mine and Jackson's.  So I don't foresee a sudden empty nest.  I know I will always be in my boys lives and they in mine.

As they grow up, grow older, they do need me less and less, in a hands on type of fashion.  So I do have more time to do the things that light up my world.  Some of these things involve the boys and some do not. So I envision the growing process to be more of the same, them going through periods of needing me more and needing me less.  I am not sure that part has much to do with the physical place in which they live. Maybe some day it will be just Jackson and I, living here at home.  That will be nice and challenging in it's own unique ways.  But I imagine more of a flow to this whole process, just as our lives so far have felt like a flow. And that is just how we love it.

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