Friday, February 20, 2015


I do not like this cold weather.  I moved south to try to avoid the cold.  Now with these cold days, it just makes me want to hibernate and not do anything but sit in front of the fire.  It was 12 degrees yesterday with a cold wind blowing.  I did manage to get out to go exercise, and I bundled up to bring some wood down from the barn.  That was all I could manage yesterday.  I don't like that feeling of being chilled, the kind from which you can never seem to get warm.  I would so rather be in the heat of summer than this cold.

My boys seem to enjoy the cold, and say they would love to live in a colder climate (of course only if we can bring our friends with us).  How did these children come from my body, my DNA?  I wonder if it is because they have never experienced the cold and snow with which I grew up.  They do love to get out and snowboard, so maybe they do just really like the cold.

Either way I am so ready for this cold to be over, spring to be here.  I do have daffodils blooming.  They are probably confused now, wondering what this cold snap is all about.

I guess I didn't move far enough south.

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