Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beautiful Snow

OK so you all know how much I *love* winter.  It snowed last night, so I woke up to SNOW.  As light started to peek into my morning it started looking more and more beautiful out there, everything all white with snow.  I sat bundled up in my afghan by the fire watching the light come in and the sun rise.  I finally decided to get my coat, and boots on and venture out.  It was amazing, all white and quiet.  I took my camera and shot like 100 photos of this beauty, here are just a few:

Here is the barn surrounded by trees full of snow

And here is our rooster, Howard, prancing around in the snow

And last but not least the awesome view of the mountains in the distance, framed by the forest of white trees

Did you see all that beauty....what......"no" you say?  I realized when I came inside ,my feet and hands frozen, that I had no memory card in the camera.  I need a freakin' alarm on that damn thing to send me a sign!   So I said "F&%ck it" and curled back up under my afghan by the fire, sipping my tea.  

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