Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Box of Memories

I was dusting the other day and thought I would share this with all of you.  Every time I dust the shelves in my bedroom, which is probably not as often as it should be, I take just a few seconds to open this box and peek at what is inside.  This is a box that used to belong to my mother, one of a couple of "jewelry" boxes she owned.  This one, however, doesn't really contain jewelry, but it contains memories.  And I have not changed the contents at all, it is exactly as it was when she owned it.

The box, I believe, she acquired in Hawaii. Where she, my dad, and my older brother lived, when my dad was in the Army, stationed with the 25th Infantry at Schofield Barracks.  The box is well used, you can see that by all the scratch and wear marks around the clasp, and the loose feel of the hinges, but it is such a beautifully carved box.

And here are pictures of what is inside:

These are pineapple hand crocheted lace curtain pulls.  Growing up we had window shades and my mom would crochet and add the pulls to the center bottom of the shade, to grab and pull down.

This is a dried rose.  I am not sure from what occasion, but important enough for her to save.

This is the bill from the surgeon who preformed the Cesarean when I was born.  $175, LOL.  OK even more of a laugh, insurance covered $7.62.

Anesthesia for the cesarean.  $25 another hoot.

And not to be forgotten, a bill from the pediatrician that attended the cesarean.  $25, the cheapest of all.  Another funny is that 22 years later after I graduated college with my BSN, I worked for a couple of years in Maine, in pediatrics and worked with Dr Howard, very smart pediatrician. 

This is a necklace that my mom bought when we took a trip to Florida, I think she purchased this in the Everglades.  Beautiful beadwork.

OK a pair of lace gloves.  I never saw my mother wear these, and I really have no idea if she made them or purchased them or someone else made them for her.  But they are beautiful.

And lastly, two sets of baby diaper pins, not sure whose these were.  I had similar ones when my boys were babies.  Also in the photo is one of my butter bars. I was commissioned in the Army as a Second Lieutenant, and I guess somewhere along the line she kept one of those.  And lastly in the picture is a little shiny crystal.

Hope you enjoyed peeking into my mother's memory box as much as I do.  :-)  Have a wonderful day all!

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