Sunday, January 4, 2015


OK this was one of my favorite trips of this vacation, this and the hike through the gorge.  Rothenburg is like a cross between an old historic town and a tourist destination.  On the main street there are the more touristy shops selling steins and nutcrackers.  And then mixed in and off the beaten path are clothing shops and bakeries, cafes etc.  Just lovely.  This is not just a "museum" set up for tourists, I mean people live and work here.  But the buildings are preserved in a very "old world" way, architecture is authentic and well restored. The whole village is so picturesque, which is probably what makes it a big tourist destination. While we were there not many people were around, I am sure it is much busier in the summer. But while we were here the Christmas market was in full swing.  I loved this market, it was spread out, so there were 10 or 15 booths in one area and then down another street were 10 or 15 more etc.  So you could easily make your way around, no crowd, no pushing or lines. We just loved it.  And I bought my "souvenir" here in Rothenburg. Not much of a souvenir but I love it.  I shopped at An Ra, where the ladies sew beautiful wool garments, shawls, skirts, hats, coats etc.  It was so nice to chat with the women, watch them work (all handmade items, made in the shop) in this small shop and purchase a couple of beautiful items to take home.  

This was the last stop before we headed home the next day.  A very full and wonderful vacation.  Great watching the boys as they saw places for the first time.  Just a satisfying, family vacation.  And here are some pics from our last day:

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