Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Broom

No not the one I fly on, the one I sweep with.  I must confess this is the SAME broom I bought when we first moved to North Carolina from Germany.  Yes that would be ummmmm, 17 years ago, yes SEVENTEEN.  It is like an old friend that has just conformed to my way of working.  It is shaped just right so that I can sweep with ease, the angle is just perfect.  It is worn but is that a reason to throw it out, it still works just fine.  You aren't seeing the picture wrong, it is just that worn down.

Yes, brother dear, this is the same broom I had years ago when you visited me here in North Carolina, and laughed at the shape of my broom, the SAME ONE, still going strong.  I can see that eventually the wear will break through the threads holding the broom together, and probably not too far in the future.  I noticed but hadn't really given my broom much replacement consideration until today, while sweeping the kitchen floor.  I noticed just how worn it really is.  I still think I will hang onto it for a bit longer.

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