Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Wrap Up

I know Cynthia is no longer hosting the Scattered Life Collective on Fridays, but I still enjoy looking back at my week.  And this has been a wonderful week.  Not sure what the difference is but this week I have felt motivated and energized.

I have enjoyed the work we are doing with the Unique Ability book. It is so nice to be focusing on what you love, what you are great at, what other people see in you that is wonderful, and bringing it all together.  Just a positive experience all around, and being in a room of people all surrounded with such positive vibes is amazing.  I am enjoying this process.

Had a little chat with my son yesterday about perception.  I can't even remember what started it, but we talked about luck and how some people appear lucky.  I was telling him that I am not sure I believe in luck, I believe that the choices we make and our outlook/attitude may alter perceptions. I have been told at least a couple of times before that I "lead a charmed life".  But if you look at it more closely, I grew up poor, both of my parents died by the time I hit 30.  I have no living parents or grandparents and neither does Jackson.  We live in a modest home, that does still need a lot of work.  And we talked for a while.  I told him I think it is perception and the choices we make.  I choose to move forward, to be positive and happy.  So I think it appears that somehow I was lucky in life, that somehow I was dealt a fortunate hand compared to my peers around me.  The discussion wasn't long but was nice.  It is nice to have these kind of chats with my boys.

I have journaled so much this week, dumping my thoughts out of the page.  That seems nice.  I don't know exactly but things just seemed to come together in a positive, smooth way this week.

It is cold, but even that isn't bothering me at this point, usually it would be KILLING me.

I went to see Wild with Jackson, I enjoyed the movie and it really followed the book well. I laughed...I cried. Actually I really did do both.  I think it would get to anyone, but losing her mother, I could so relate.

If you see the movie you should also read the book, much more detail in the book, as usual.

And I have been listening to the Cowboy Junkies, haven't really listened to them in years.

Hope you all had as wonderful a week as I have had, or even more so.  Take a look at your week, enjoy the journey!

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