Monday, January 5, 2015

Creative Outlet for my VERY Full Brain

Wow, this weekend my brain just felt so full.  Maybe it is the introvert in me, I need my down time and my body was screaming "IT'S TIME".  I spent much of last week with friends, it was wonderful and meaningful, just great introspective conversations.  But Saturday morning I couldn't think any more, my brain was full, I had so much swirling around in there, so many things to remember, to do, to think about.  I journaled but this time it didn't seem to dump out as usual.  So I decided it was time to jump into something new and creative.

I am working through a book (with some friends), introduced to me by a friend, called Unique Ability : Creating the Life You Want.  A few of friends and I have decided to work through the book together.  I have things jotted down here and there, and really needed a place to put it.  The book is not long, and I don't think I will need a large journal, so I decided to make a small journal out of file folders.  It has top pockets and side pockets so I can tuck away the stray pieces of paper and add more paper should I need it.  It was just what I needed to get the clutter out of my brain, concentrate and focus on something else, and find time for me.  It worked, I felt so much better, so much more organized inside my head, after that.  Here is the you tube video that I followed, although mine is just a bit smaller in size.

And here are a few pictures of the one I made, isn't it just so cute! LOVE IT!

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