Monday, December 8, 2014

My College Degree

This is a cooperative blogging post, and today's topic is my college degree.  Here is the question/thought for the day..."Do you use your college degree now; if you could do it over again would you attend college, explain."

I have a bachelors of science in nursing.  Was a nurse for several years in Maine then joined the US Army and was an army nurse for several years when I met my husband.  After we married our next move was to Germany, I was done with the military but he had a hour year commitment to finish, so I actually left the army to become a "dependent wife", ohhhh that word, dependent.  I didn't like it at the time, but I know army terminology.  I was a lactation consultant, breastfeeding educator and Lamaze instructor while we were in Germany, at least until my youngest was born.  I enjoyed that, it was all my gift to military families, no charge, no pay, all volunteer.  I loved working with military families.  After my second son was born I just decided it was time to dedicate myself to full time mother.

That is the history, now to answer the question.  Yes I use my college degree now, not the actual degree but the knowledge I gained in pursuit of the degree.  I am not getting paid as a nurse.  But the knowledge is so important in daily life, listening to my body, knowing what is going on, and as I learn more and more about herbs, the plants around me, how they all work inside the body and spirit.  Also how I feed my body and my family, how things interact, what things do to and for me.  The environment, how chemicals and environmental factors effect me.  I think all of this, for me, makes more sense, when science is also applied, Biology, physiology, chemistry, anatomy, pharmacology, all of these things add to my knowledge base.

So while I am not being paid to use my nursing degree as a nurse in the traditional sense, I am using much of the knowledge every day.

Hmmmmm, if I could do it over again would I attend college. Yes.  There are so many reasons.  Even though I am not nursing right now, working toward that goal showed me that I can do anything.  It also demonstrated how much my parents would invest in my future, my passion.  Even though we didn't have money, they worked so hard to help me get the money to go to the private college I had selected.  They supported my passion, and were there every step of the way.

I would not have met my husband if it were not for nursing.  Well he says we would have met anyway, somehow, it was meant to be.  But I know we met in the military, and I was there at Fort Bragg because I was a nurse.  I am so fortunate to have him in my life.  Without that meeting, nothing would be the same. The knowledge, as I said above, also has helped my world, so I am thankful for that.

So I do not regret any decisions I made.  I thank that very decision every day, for the life I have now.

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