Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Reflections

Oh this has been a wonderful week.  Back from vacation and settled in.  I am really thinking about the solstice coming up and what this new year will mean for me, that process of being OK with the things I have let go of this past year, living with how that feels, how those things were not serving me, and making room for the new things on the horizon.  It feels good, it feels comforting and adventurous at the same time.

I am not a cold weather person, so for me this is not a "great" time of year, but there are things I do enjoy about the winter.  I can see the mountains all around me, the leaves are gone revealing the splendor that was hidden.  I enjoy sipping chai by a warm fire in the fire place.  I like having two pugs snuggled up beside me as I knit.  No garden to tend right now so more time for journaling and painting, gotta love that.

On the menu:
Tonight I am trying out a new recipe, Autumn Vegetable Stew, and I found the recipe on the Forks Over Knives web site.  It looks like a nice winter stew.

Out my window:
Today I am blogging a bit later in the day so the sun is shining even though it is still chilly out there.  It is a nice return from vacation, where we saw the sun for only a few hours on one day.  I can see the bird feeders which reminds me I need to pick up some bird feed and fill them up.

Listening to:
OK I can't get this out of my head now.  I saw it on facebook and it is just too funny. Hope you enjoy...

Something not so good and the silver lining:
A friend of mine is going through a tough time right now, I am not getting into details, but the issues are overall, health related.  But doesn't everything effect our health?!  Anyway the silver lining is that it has served as a reminder of my mantra for 2014, "stay in your own skin".  I am trying to be supportive and helping when I am able.  But really, in the end, a person has to feel they are worthy.  We all have to see that we are wonderful, special people and need to make sure we take care of ourselves.  Sometimes that means setting boundaries, doing things that feed our souls, feed our bodies, feed our minds and spirits.  Nurturing ourselves is NOT selfish, it makes sure that we are healthy and strong and better able to lend aid when other's need it. So I am reminded that while I am considering the upcoming year, so much of this year's journey lives within me, and when I need it, comes out at the right time.  I will be there to support and encourage this friend, and I will continue to take care of myself.

I am feeling excited for the holidays, excited to be spending the winter solstice with a group of very special, wonderful, strong women, in circle.  Excited by watching my children enjoy this season.

So stay warm all, and have a wonderful week.

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