Friday, December 12, 2014

Ettal Abbey

Our second stop was on our way home from Oberammergau, the Abbey at Ettal.  This abbey was founded in the 1300s with construction going on from then until the 1700s.  It is just a beautiful place, very peaceful and quiet.  The architecture is amazing, the frescos are beautiful.  This was one of Jackson's picks to visit.  I think it could be perhaps because of the schnapps made here.  It is medicinal, and used much like tinctures I make myself.  Many different herbs go into making the different schnapps which have different medicinal properties.

This was also where the fog started rolling in after our sunshine in Oberammergau.  And I do mean ROLL IN!!  It was amazing to watch the fog roll down the street like something out of a horror film, taking over the town.  We enjoyed our stop here.  Just taking in all the handcrafted work of the Abbey, and even though I am not Catholic, I lit two candles.  One for a friend's daughter who has crossed over.  My friend is not Catholic but I know she prays for her daughter often.  A second for my mother, who was also not Catholic but was a very Christian woman.  I figured guiding their prayers would be a good thing.  And knowing that others coming after me would see their light in this world, was also a good thing.

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