Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dachau Memorial

I think the Concentration Camp Memorial at Dachau, is such an important stop on any trip to Germany.  So if you are traveling that way, stop, there is no charge, public transportation can take you there.  It is only around 25 km outside of Munich, and it is so worth the trip.  This makes my third visit, when family would visit us in Germany, Dachau would be one of our stops, and I felt it was important for the boys to experience as well.  It is just one of those places that hits you in the heart of where you live.  You can not walk through and not be changed. This place will take just a little piece of your heart but leave you so much more human. I don't have many photos, it just isn't the place for photos, it is a place to experience.  Seeing the crematoria and hearing that they burned day and night until they ran out of fuel toward the end of the war, is more than any person can imagine.

I couldn't help but see, as I walked through the museum seeing photos, looking at artifacts and reading about how Hitler came to power and the shift in thinking of the people, the similarities then and what is going on now in the world.  When slow economic growth is paired with the moral outrage of the few, good people start to believe the problems of society can be blamed solely on a certain segment of the population deemed, by those powerful few, as undesirable.

When the majority forget that it is their responsibility to protect the rights of everyone, including minorities, humanity is lost.  Why does a society not learn from history.  Why do people not look back at those few pointing the finger, causing us to spread fear and hatred, and question the motive.  Why are we not able to grab onto trust, and love, and know that hatred and blame will not propel us forward.  Yet it continues to happen over and over again throughout history.

A truly life changing experience.

The 2 photos above are sculptures on the grounds.  The first is inside the museum building, on loan from another museum.  The second is outside the museum.  You can see the museum building behind the sculpture.

These last three photos were taken from the far end of the concentration camp. Behind and to the right of the photographer is where the crematoria and gas chamber are.  You can see the guard tower as you look up the fence.  To the left of the fence and roadway are where the barracks building were.  These were leveled.  To the left of the photographer they rebuilt and recreated two barracks buildings.  

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