Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The old walled city of Burghausen was nice, it seems touristy and seasonal, so there are some residents living there but most activities of the city take place in the new city down below.  The older buildings and walls are intact, there is construction on the bridges taking place now and the "touristy" things are closed for the season, like the cafe and museum.  We did enjoy walking around and reading about the buildings and their historic past.  Very fascinating, and scenic.  A lovely day and some great pictures.

This is one of my favorite pictures!

In this photo you can see the new city down below

OK I HAD to have a picture of this, this is the witches tower behind me, for prisoners that were witches.  Fascinating that they kept the women accused of being witches separate from the general women prison population.  

I think you can just see behind Dallen the river down below and Austria on the other side.

Some of these pictures you can really see how tall my boys are!

OK I also like this photo, Jackson did a good job this day!

A nice one of me and Phillip

I thought the doors pictured above were just so beautiful.  I think I might have these printed and framed.

Jackson's first attempt at a selfie.

Me and my boys.

We walked down a path, down below the walls, so these pictures are from down below looking up.

Following our day in Burghausen we made our way back to Munich and had dinner at Wirtshaus in der Au. Wonderful German food, great service, the servers speak German AND English, in case your German isn't the best.  Menus in both German and English.  They do have vegetarian items so Dallen and I had no problems finding food for us on the menu.  And the dessert.  Well you can see from the photo, it came on a bench it was HUGE, and this was supposed to serve two people.  It is a sampling of the desserts on the menu, but I think these were more than samples.  So much food.  Can I say, it is so nice to be somewhere that food is actually MADE, not some frozen, prepackaged, express chain.  I totally loved the bakeries and fresh bread, fresh, raw cheeses.  And while I was there the only food reaction I had was to the ONE white, soft squishy piece of bread I had on one occasion.  I ate cheese and bread daily with no reaction at all.  Of course now I am back in the states and having the same gluten and dairy issues.  UGH!

Anyway here are a few pics:
Dallen is just blur.....

Jackson had to have a picture of his food. 

 And 2 photos of our dessert.  

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau

This was a very touristy day of our trip.  We visited a very well known and photographed castle, Neuschwanstein and the castle Hohenschwangau, the childhood home of King Ludwig II.  We had visited the castle Neuschwanstein a couple of times before when we lived in Germany years ago, but Hohenschwangau was a first for Jackson and me.  I actually think I liked the Hohenschwangau castle tour more.  The guide was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions, no rush.  The Neuschwanstein was much more touristy this year, if that is possible.  It was a cloudy overcast day, so all the more typical views of and from the castle were obscured by clouds, but both castles were impressive, and a must see for any tourist in the area.  Lots of Bavarian history here.

Here are some photos (and I have lots) of the Neuschwanstein:

Here are some of Hohenschwangau:

And this one because I just like it so much, is the view on the walk down from the Hohenschwangau castle, you can see the town below.