Monday, November 24, 2014

Vacation and Journaling

I am getting ready for a vacation, so I haven't had a lot of time to blog this past week.  I was thinking about my journaling.  For months now I have made daily journaling part of my morning routine, so nice to clear my head, write things out.  But I don't want to take my large journal with me, just too big, especially when an "extra" checked bag is going to cost $200, I am trying to keep extras to a minimum.

Last week I stumbled on a facebook group about junk journals, I can't even remember how I found the group but these people are making simple, and more complex, journals out of things they have around the house.  I knew I could do that, I have a ton of crafting supplies.  And the smaller, one signature, journals are so small, they would be perfect to take along on our vacation.  So I made one, it only took a few hours, and so I then made another.   One is for the vacation specifically, and the other is a December journal.  I will probably blog my thoughts through December as well.  December is the month when I think about the year behind, and the year ahead.  Think about my oracle card for this year, things like that.  So a journal is a perfect way to document this, jot things down, remember special quotes that I would like to focus on for the year ahead.  These are small journals, one is about 5 X 6 inches, and the other is 6 X 6 inches, and they are thin so will fit nicely in a suit case. Lots of room to journal plus a few pockets to hold pamphlets, receipts, tickets from our trip.   Here are a few pics.


Anonymous said...

It will be a nice memory keeper for your vacation

Liz said...

That's what I'm doing this New Year's Eve, making my own journal! It's a lot of fun.