Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Projects Completed

I, of course, have many projects going at once.  I mean you never know when you will get tired of working on one thing and just need something else.  But I have finished two beautiful projects that I could not be happier with, they just turned out beautifully.

The first is one I mentioned a while ago, an afghan for myself.  It has so many different crochet stitches and they all merge so beautifully, I really enjoyed making this.  Of course the dogs love it as well so as soon as I fold it up on the back of the couch they will paw at it until it comes down and scratch around until it is in a nice bed.  Can't have anything "nice" with dogs around.  I wish I could make this in wool, and some day, once my spinning technique is perfected, maybe I can, but for right now it is in a cheaper acrylic yarn, still soft but not a nice wool.  I couldn't justify, in my mind, spending hundreds of $ on an afghan that, more likely than not, the dogs will use at least half the time.  Here is the pattern for this afghan.

The second tiny afghan in the photo is a baby afghan for a friend.  It just turned out beautifully.  Again, this is a pattern that was fun to crochet and the end product is so soft and will be warm and comfy for baby.  I think it is called a popcorn stitch but I didn't really follow any pattern. I alternated sc row and a row with 5 dc decrease in 1 sc, sc in next sc, 5 dc decrease in next sc, sc in next sc etc.  That was it, but it turned out beautiful.  If you google popcorn crochet stitch I am sure you will come up with some lovely patterns.  

So these are two finished projects.  Now onto something new!

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