Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More About Roots

This week, my friend, Nancy, and I are blogging more about roots. (such a deep subject. LOL)  The question for this week is "The root that I most need to cultivate within myself now is...."

OK that does take a little thought, it seems like I am always working on myself in one way or another, growing, changing, moving forward.  But this is a perfect time to think about what I would like to cultivate, what needs to be brought to the surface, worked on, focused on.  It is December, the time I like to look at the year behind and the year ahead, think about where my focus will be, where life will take me, goals, etc.

Maybe it's time to draw an oracle card for this year.  Last year the card I drew said "stay in your own skin".

This was perfect this past year.  Having the card our on my bed side stand helped me remember to "stay in my own skin".  It was very freeing to not get caught up in drama, to be upfront with people, not assume things but try to always ask and be OK with other's thoughts and feelings without thinking it was "my fault" or that "something happened".  I still think I need to keep this card out and work on this root again this year. Work on creating my "bubble" so that I don't take on the feelings of other people, sometimes if a friend is sad or angry, I find I can go home feeling the same way.  I need to be able to keep a safety bubble while being there for support.  

The card I drew just now and will work on this year says "vibe check".

OK what an awesome card, and so relates to what I was talking about above.  This card is about being keenly aware of the vibes you are getting/feeling from your surroundings, your environment, wherever that may be.  And striving to keep yourself in the positive, surrounded by positive vibes.  Which doesn't necessarily mean only a positive, supportive, nurturing environment, to me it means a safe environment as well.  An environment that is safe emotionally, physically spiritually.  And using your tools when the environment is not giving off "positive vibes" to keep yourself safe.  So I think this is the year to be vibe checking my environments and cultivating those tools that I need keep myself in a positive place.  

What roots will you be cultivating this year?  Great journaling prompt.  If you would like to see what my friend Nancy will be cultivating, visit her blog, A Present Moment, and check.

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