Monday, November 3, 2014

Linville Falls Hiking with Dallen

This time of year is so beautiful, and we live in such a perfect spot to enjoy it.  All the waterfalls, scenic views and hiking trails in western North Carolina are just a hikers paradise.  And although I am not an avid hiker, I do enjoy hiking in the mountains.  I think I have mentioned before that my youngest doesn't enjoy hiking as much but my oldest son, Dallen, really enjoys getting out there with me.

Last week we decided to hike Linville Falls.  It is really a more touristy spot but we had limited time and I knew this was not a long hike. It took about two hours including stops to take pictures and enjoy the falls. The leaves are beautiful and you can see the falls and the river from several scenic stops along the trail.  I am hoping to do more hiking in the future, trying to strengthen my ankles, which have each taken a beating in the last few years.  Working at getting myself into better shape.  Here are some pictures of our hike.  And anyone that lives around here this is the perfect time to go.  It was very peaceful, especially the higher you hike, fewer people the higher you go.

I liked this picture as you can see the river way below and I happened to catch a leaf falling, so delicate and pretty. 

Such a wonderful view all around!

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