Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Knitting Meditation

As you have probably guessed, I knit....A LOT!  And I just find it so relaxing.  I was thinking about this the other day, how much knitting, for me, is a form of meditation.  So many other things I do, I find easy to multitask, but knitting not so much. Can't seem to get the hang of knitting and painting.  I am forced to sit in one spot and just knit.  I may be able to watch TV or a movie while I knit but that is about it.

It is just so relaxing, I find when I first sit down there are a million things running through my head.  Generally it starts out with my todo list, what I need to get done today, things I would like to get done and things that can wait until another day.  From there my attention turns to things going on in my life, maybe some of the stress producing things, like traveling to Germany, maybe just relationship things.  But I just let these thoughts come into my brain and then leave.  But if I just keep knitting, soon my thoughts empty, my brain clears all the junk, and I can just be in the moment, not thinking about anything.  This is especially true when I am knitting a project where counting stitches isn't important.

I find that my focus changes and soon I am hearing the clicking of my needles, and the swoosh of the yarn as the stitches drop off the end of my needle.  When my mind starts to wander off I can start counting stitches and it brings me back to the now.  My breathing will slow down just a bit and I lose track of time.

I can knit for an hour or two with ease. But I also like taking a smaller project along with me everywhere. I like to work on a project when I have a few minutes here and there in my day, but I also like having knitting along to pull out when I need to relax a bit.  I can easily just fall into the rhythm of the click, click, click of the needles and it pulls me out of my head, out of any type of rushed, stressed feeling and makes me relax, makes me pause.

I am sure there are other things people find meditative, that they never even thought of before, things in our daily lives that we rely on to take us out of "thinking" mode and into mindful relaxation.  Enjoy those moments, find something that helps bring you into this moment, and enjoy.

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