Monday, November 10, 2014

Being Rooted Means To Me.....

Wow, that is such a hard topic to think about, so many things run through my mind.  I love nature, so to answer that I turn to plants and trees and what the roots do in general.  Bringing nourishment and water to the plant/tree itself, providing sustenance for the plant.  Also holding that life force over winter, or in drought. Many plants will die back to the root during a crisis, and the root holds tight, so that in more prosperous times the plant will have the life to move forward, grow and flourish.  The root goes virtually unnoticed so the plant will have what it needs to shine.

The root also provides stability, so that during winds and rain the plant will remain secure, held tight to the ground.  Such an important purpose, the security of the plant itself, the root.

So in thinking about being rooted I need to think about what it is that holds me tight to this earth, what nourishes me and, during crisis, will make sure I survive so my soul can grow and shine/bloom when things are back on course again, when the crisis is over.

I would like to say that family provides that for me, they are my roots.  But I have learned the hard way that when family is ripped away from me, I will survive.  I will learn to live in a world without those family members.  So my family members are not my roots.  I think they are more like the water and nutrients that feed me, they provide love and inspiration, they provide trust and a soft place to fall.  Or maybe they are more like the flowers and leaves, the product of love, hard work, attention, effort, energy, growth.

Another thought is my creative spirit, it really inspires me and is a way to express myself without ever showing another soul.  But again, that isn't my root, it is an expression of who I am, but without those creative endeavors I would survive, I would be changed yes, but I would persevere.

I think the trust in my spirit is at least part of my roots.  My own perspective on the world, my drive, my love, my spirit.  I think those feelings are my roots.  Without my soul, I would be nothing.  Without my drive, or my energy or my spirit, what would be left.  Without those things I would certainly blow away in the wind, I would shrivel up and die in a crisis.  The essence of who I am is what holds me tight to this earth, it is what feeds me, it is what allows me to grow and flourish, it is my security, my stability,  and allows me to shine in my own space.  That is what being rooted means to me. Having that which allows me to make it through the storm.

OK it took a lot to get me to this understanding, such a thought provoking question and process, I hope you all give at least a minute of thought to this.....What does being rooted mean to you, and what are your roots?

This is a cooperative blogging project, if you would like to see what my friend, Nancy, has to say about being rooted visit her blog, A Present Moment.

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