Tuesday, October 14, 2014

One Person Who Has Impacted My Life Greatly and How

This is a cooperative blogging project a friend and I started, a chance for us to dig a little deeper into our lives and explore a few topics.  I do have posts I am working on about the herbal conference, the whole experience there, but for today, that is on the back burner.

One person that has impacted my life, well, for me it isn't just one person but two, my boys, here they are.

My oldest is Dallen, he is 20 now, I had just turned 28 when he was born.  My youngest is Phillip, he is 17 now, I was almost 31 when when he came into this world.  Before I had children I thought I knew what love was, I mean I loved my husband, and loved my parents.  But I don't think I really knew what true unconditional love was until I had my children.  You know, that kind of love that you would die for without question, the kind of love that hurts at times.  I never knew what that kind of cellular connection was, when they hurt, I hurt.  I just feel so connected to them and to the universe, through them, in such a different way.  

They changed my whole view of the world.  I thought I had my shit together in life, but they just turned everything upside down, gave it all a shake and rearranged things.  I look at this world so differently now.  It started with my oldest, when he was born, and his cry just evoked something primitive in me, and it pushed me into a place I didn't know existed.  He pulled me into attachment parenting, baby wearing, co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, unschooling and consensual living.  And then my youngest cemented it in my life as truth, the way things, for us, needed to be.  They not only changed my views on parenting from the get go, but on how Jackson and I relate as partners, how we all interact within our extended families and our communities.  The ripples from that shift in thinking are endless.  

Because of this shift, I believe, my friendship circle is different.  The friends I have now are more in tune with the way we live as a family.  The people I am drawn to now are so different from friendships earlier in my life.  Their view of the world is more in line with mine now.  The like minded friends I have now are so wonderful and I do believe it is because of my children, and how they have changed my life.  

And for all these changes I am grateful.  I an so grateful to be looking at the world as I do now.  I am forever grateful to my boys for opening this up for me, for changing my life and bringing me to the place I am now.  

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