Monday, October 27, 2014

My Soul Craves....

This is a cooperative blogging post, a friend and I are both digging deeper into some thought provoking questions.  So this Monday we are looking at what my soul craves.....

At this moment in time I think my soul craves more connection with nature.  There are times in my life, most of the time really (which is a topic I have in mind for another post on another day) when things seem to be in place, I am doing what I want to do, walking the path I love.  So most things in my life are there by choice, and when my soul is craving something I am usually pretty good at listening.  Right now I think my soul is craving more time in nature.

I am working toward that end, feeding my soul what it needs.  Hiking with my son, is wonderful, especially this time of year.  My youngest isn't a fan of hiking but my oldest enjoys hiking and having time to talk and walk and be in nature.  Also this time of year I enjoy cleaning up my gardens, weeding and raking and just getting things ready for winter, the air is cooler and fresher, love the crisp air.

One thing I am missing is my walking time on the Greenway in Morganton.  I am exercising differently, and just can't seem to fit that daily walk into my schedule right now.  My other time outside is making up for that, I think, but there are times I just want to squeeze that walk in, but don't want it to be rushed, want to take my time, enjoy the changing leaves on the Greenway.  In sitting here typing I am thinking that a nice walk around our property would probably fulfill that need.  We have around 11 acres here, forest, pasture, creeks and we have a park across the street.  I may need to stop trying to squeeze a Greenway walk into my week and instead focus on what I have at hand, what is right in front of my eyes.

If you would like to read what Nancy's soul craves, you can visit A Present Moment, to find out.

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