Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lobster with my Aunt

Dallen and I are vegetarians, Jackson does eat meat and he loves seafood, Phil was skeptical but wanted to at least try seafood.  I do NOT like seafood, ate it growing up and don't care for it at all, will be OK if I never have seafood again.   My Aunt Terry wanted to have us up for supper and wanted Phillip to be able to try lobster, so that is what she cooked for us, well really for them (her daughter, my cousin Michelle, made a vegetarian lasagna as well, which was delicious!).

Phil has, since his trip to Maine, decided that he does not like seafood, can you tell by the look on his face?! Here are some picture of Phil and Jackson (who ate two or three lobsters himself) and of my family.

Here is my cousin Wayne, my cousin Michelle, me and my Aunt Terry

Here we are with my boys.  Michelle's daughter Cierra left earlier so, unfortunately, she didn't make it into the picture.  Maybe next time!

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