Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Wow it has been over a week since the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference.  Loved it, and learned a lot.  I can see how I am progressing, and this year I attended and enjoyed a couple of intensives as well as several advanced workshops.

I can see how my own practice has changed over the years as I learn more.  I have shifted from buying organic herbs to harvesting what is in my own backyard (and my friends and families back yards) and learning and loving those medicinals.  There is so much locally that provides the nourishment I need, and I enjoy learning about more and more of those "weeds".

After this years conference I started thinking, again, about taking a formal herbal course.  I started years ago, but decided to go on my own, which I have loved, and that has also provided me time for other things I enjoy.  But I have been tossing around the idea of starting up again.  I have this thought that maybe the formal course work will give me some guidance into studying areas I may have overlooked.  I really have no intention of starting any kind of private practice, this would be just for me, to deepen my knowledge base and understanding.

I talked with my boys about it, as unschoolers, to see what they had to say.  Neither one thinks I "need" it (which I already knew).  One son said "so are you moving all the way to hippie town now", a running joke in our family.  The other son said "you should go for it and it comes with a cool title", that it does.

This week I have been doing some decluttering, getting rid of old books and old clothes, donating items, trashing some.  It somehow helps me think, clearing out the clutter in the house, helps on some level clear out the clutter in my brain so I can think.  To decide if I have the time in my life right now to devote to an herbal course, if I will lose interest in that more "formal" format. There is no rush on this decision, so I will take my time.  It is a big chunk of change so I want to be committed before I jump in, I want to take the time to think about it.  So I will, and we will see how I feel in a month or two.

Meanwhile I am marking my calendar for next year's conference, October 2-4, 2015!  Whose coming with me? (I will be the one in the back corner of the room....a story for another day)

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