Monday, October 6, 2014

Changing of the Seasons

This past weekend was crisp and fall-like.  I enjoy this weather, being able to get into my garden and weed, pull plants, start getting things ready for next year.  I love fresh apples, and all the squash fall brings.  I can already smell delicious soups and stews, sitting by the fire.

A couple of friends and I made travel altars this past week.  As I was creating a Winter travel altar, I started thinking that I hadn't shared my Autumn home altar with you yet.  On my Autumn altar sits my Autumn travel altar, although I use it any time of year when I am traveling.  This one was made by a friend years ago, and yes I still use it and cherish it today.

Also sitting on my altar are a couple of paper dolls that new friends made for me, they are so beautiful, and fit in nicely.  

Here are pictures of the travel altars we made.  

Inside are a few incense, matches, a small tea candle, and a stone.  We each chose a different stone, but all made with love and sharing.  Easy to do if you want one yourself, all you need is an Altoids (or other) small tin and some sculpey clay.  Decorate the tin with the sculpey as you like, and bake according to the directions.  Fill it with whatever you like for your altar and take it with you when you travel. 

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