Monday, September 15, 2014

What's On My Nightstand

This is another cooperative bogging post. And, again, an idea I ran across searching the web.

What is on my nightstand...actually not a whole lot, but what is there is important to me. You can see i have the remote and a small lamp. That blueberry lamp is one that Jackson and I picked up in Maine years ago, love it! The organizer tote holds the body butter I made for me feet, smells so floral, and is part of my daily routine. Ever since I fractured my ankle a few years ago, I have been so grateful for how many miles my feet carry me, so I bless my feet and thank them daily with a foot massage and fabulous cream! Also in that tote are massage oils, pens for journaling, beautiful hair clips, scissors and a few other odds and ends.

You can also see, on my nightstand, a few stitch markers and a small notepad. I do occasionally knit in bed, and as any good knitter knows, it is best to be prepared. Just to the left of the lamp, and almost too small to notice, is a tic-tac-toe board my son Dallen made for me out of sculpey clay, many years ago.  To the left of the organizer tote are a stack of books. Just books I like to pick up now and again to reference. A couple of herbal books and a few on menopause by Susan Weed. As I approach 50, I can feel changes in my body and I want to know how to best naturally approach this wonderful part of my life. My mother had a hysterectomy prior to menopause, she handled this abrupt menopause beautifully, and had minimal symptoms. But she is gone now so I have no one, familial, to talk to about this. But will do as I have always done and gather all the information I can and do what feels right for me.

Also to the left of the organizer tote are my oracle cards, and on top, is my mantra for the year. Helpful words. My focus on this one card has helped with such inner growth for me. "Stay in your own skin." And last but not least, a picture of Jackson and Dallen. This photo was taken in Germany, when we lived in Augsburg, prior to the birth of Phillip. I should find a picture of all three of them, or maybe add a picture of Jackson and Phillip, I have so many to choose from.

There you have it, that is what is on my nightstand right now. If you decide to share what is on your nightstand, please leave a link in the comments here, I would love to visit your blog and see. If you want to see what is on my friend Nancy's nightstand, visit her at A Present Moment.

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