Monday, September 8, 2014

Wednesday is Doughnut Day

Well not at my house.  I have never made doughnuts.  While we were on vacation at the beach, a friend of mine brought two frozen, gluten free, dairy free, doughnuts.  She and I and her daughter shared the two doughnuts.  It made me think of my Grammy and I told her about my Grammy a bit and about doughnut day.

I am sure doughnut day changed days over the years, but growing up, Wednesday was always doughnut day at Grammy's house.  She was not an affectionate woman, not the "touchy/feely" type.  But she showed she cared by having baked goodies around her house all the time, and the one constant was doughnuts.  I always knew that in the Tupperware container, on top of the breadbox, to the right of the sink were doughnuts.  I could sit down and always have a doughnut and a cuppa tea.  She always had a percolator brewing with tea,  on the stove, ready to be mixed with sugar and milk.  Perfect to go with the doughnuts (or pie or cake).  

Reminiscing about Grammy also brought back the one time I remember my dad making doughnuts.  It was at a time when my mom was working night shift.  That didn't happen for long, but during that time of night shifts, I remember not sleeping well, knowing she was not at home.  One particular night I couldn't sleep, I think I was probably around 12, I came downstairs to get a drink of water.  My dad, who couldn't sleep either, was making chocolate doughnuts.  So we both stayed up.  I watched as he made the doughnuts, then we shared a few and went back to bed.  I don't remember my dad making doughnuts any other time, but at that time it was very comforting.

So in talking about my Grammy and my dad, with my boys, I decided I was going to make doughnuts, not her recipe but one I found on the Internet, a close second to Grammy's.  The boys have been looking forward to doughnuts, since talking about it.  I used my Grammy's bread board, much easier than cleaning up the counter after making the doughnuts.  You can see the wear mark in the front from her continued use. They turned out delicious.  I decided to cover mine in cinnamon and sugar, a bonus!  Not weekly, but maybe we will have to have more doughnut days in our house.

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