Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Way He Looks at Me

Sometimes I like to hear the words that express how my husband feels about me but most of the time words aren't necessary, I can tell by the way he looks at me.

I stopped by my husbands office yesterday, just a quick trip to show the staff something.  And as I was standing there, chatting through a window in the receptionist's office, he walked by from one room on his way to another, just stopping long enough to hand off some paperwork.  As he handed the file, he looked up and saw me standing there, he looked in one window across his receptionist's office and through the other window and caught my eye.  He just had that look on his face like he was so glad to see me, his eyes had a spark in them and he smiled.  He didn't pause long enough to say anything, but long enough to say everything.

He just looked at me with such love and caring in his eyes.  I haven't mentioned this to him, but that smile just lights up my world.  It makes me feel so cherished, and loved.  I hope he sees that same look in my eyes. We have been through a lot the past 21 years.  Deaths in the family as well as births, we have helped each other through some tough times, supported each other's dreams.  We continue to lean on each other when things around us seem to be going crazy.  We never get so caught up in what we are doing that we can't take just a second to look up and pause and remember where our center is, it is with each other.

He looks at me today the way he looked at me when we were dating, the way he looked at me when our boys were born, the way he looked at me last week.  And I will never get tired of the way he looks at me.