Thursday, September 18, 2014

How the Live and Learn Conference Changed Our Lives

I think I have talked about the Live and Learn Conference in the past.  Our first ever homeschool confernece was the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference.  Jackson and I had read Mary Griffith's Unschooling Handbook, and really believed in the philosophy of child autonomy.  At that conference I really became cemented in those beliefs, I found friends, I found like minded people, I found my confidence in not only my parenting but in my ability to host conferences myself.  My children also found a passion.

It started with that very first conference when my boys won some table top miniatures, they became so passionate about table top games and Warhammer 40,000 in particular.  They so love reading about the game, reading novels based on the game, watching videos about the game, watching videos about painting the miniature, playing the game and painting their own miniatures.

It is so nice to sit down at the dining room table to paint, and there beside me are my boys painting miniatures.  It really reminds me just how special that first conference was, where it has led us.  How my boys are such unique, wonderful individuals because we read that first book, attended that first conference and decided to not only go against the grain by homeschooling but go REALLY against the grain by letting our boys make decisions about their own lives from the beginning.  No school for us, no replicating school in the home, but really reaching outside the box and letting them be truly autonomous.  Autonomous in a loving family and community.  Autonomous with so many adults there to lean on, ask questions of, brainstorm with, try ideas on, grow with, reach for, build with and really thrive.  I am amazed at where life takes us and takes the boys, where their interests go, where their passions live.  And every time I see these wonderfully painted miniatures I remember once again, and hope others were so touched by the Live and Learn Conference as well.

Miniatures hand painted by Phillip

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