Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Home Again...Home Again

It is amazing how being on vacation just makes me love being home even more.  This last vacation was relaxing and energizing, but being home feels so connected.  Being on vacation my boys were occupied with their own activities, and I was busy reconnecting with friends, and having fun myself.  Bringing it all back home, I take with me all the energy I found on vacation and balance that out with reconnecting with my family, Jackson and the boys.  It is nice to hear them around the house as we settle back into familiar routines, seeing Phil next to me on his computer, while I am typing away at mine.

I have a new sense of drive toward accomplishing some of those unfinished projects around the house, inside and out.  I just feel so refreshed.

I don't have any cute picture today, no sunrise, although I was up and watching the sun peek up over the hills this morning.  I just feel very full, very loved, very present, and that feels very good.

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