Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Reflections

We have been home for three days now.  So the first part of the week I spent in Maine.  Listening to the waves crashing against the rocks, such a wonderfully comforting sound.  Sharing all that is my home with my boys, watching them enjoy the beauty of the Maine coast, getting to know my family a bit better and having fun.

I miss my family so much, but I love where I am and I know this is the place I am meant to be at this point in time. I do know that I need to get back home more often.

Right now it is 6:00 I am listening to the silence of another Friday morning.  Love the mornings.  Thinking about what I will make for breakfast.

I am currently reading She , this is a book that I found in my stash from my mom.  It was so brittle that I couldn't read it, the pages just fall to pieces, so I have been using pages in my art journal.  Well I decided to download it onto my tablet and actually read the book.  It sounds so interesting, but so far the first 100 pages are less than impressive.  I am going to give it a bit more time to grow on me before I put it down. We shall see.

Much of the latter part of my week has been catching up on "home stuff", paying bills, opening mail, answering e mail (or deleting e mail), planning homeschool activities for the next few months and just generally getting caught up.  I think I am back on track now and next week should be an easier, smoother week for me.

I will say that with this vacation we made an effort to be back to the cottage relatively early, by 7 or 8 in the evening and on several nights we rented a DVD to watch.  This was so helpful in staying connected with my boys.  Generally on vacation we are busy, having fun yes, but busy.  Just so much stimuli that we don't stay as connected as we are at home.  This usually leaves me feeling uneasy.  I don't like that feeling of disconnect.  And it takes time when we return from vacation to restore that equilibrium.  This time was different.  That extra effort in staying connected during the vacation really has made a difference in our return home.  It made for a much gentler transition.  I am going to remember this and make that effort with vacations in the future, just taking time each day to stay connected, the four of us.

Hope you all had a wonderful week.

View from the top of the Pemaquid Lighthouse


Sarah Broadfoot said...

It can be tough to get the balance right on holiday, can't it? Sounds like you figured out what works best for your family, and that's all that matters.

Liz said...

Ah, She by H Rider Haggard. It's a very old-fashioned thriller. I remember not being very impressed either!

Cynthia Lee said...

I love how just sitting together watching a movie or a show can be so connecting. Some people may not see that as family time but for our family, we value the power of story so much, that it is a wonderful way to touch base ... witnessing a story, even if it is just project runway . . . carries over into the rest of the week as we discuss it or references come up about it.

Thanks for sharing!