Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Reflections or The Real "Mom's Night Out"

OK so before I give my opinion of the movie Mom's Night Out, let me start by reflecting more on my week.

It is right now 6:45 AM, and I just finished a 20 minute yoga session with Jackson, I purchased a new yoga CD and Jackson has been doing yoga with me in the mornings for about a week now.  It feels really good to be doing yoga in the morning, just stretching out before I start the day.

It is still dark outside and all I can hear at the moment are the keys clicking on the keyboard.  My quiet time.
This has been a busy week, we are getting ready to go on vacation to Maine, so everyone here is real excited about that.  It has been years since we traveled back to my home, the boys remember very little about our last trip to Maine, so we are busy making plans.  Also trying to get passports renewed and make travel plans for a trip back to Germany in November/December.  Not sure of the exact dates yet but we are getting closer to pinning it down.

Jackson and I did take an evening to watch the movie Mom's Night Out, this week.  Actually, "truth be told", we only watched 45 minutes of it, we just felt it wasn't worth wasting any more of our time.  So in all honesty maybe the last 53 minutes of the movie were awesome and we just missed it.  There was just no point to the movie.  It seemed to me that it was one exhausted mom and her string of stressful events, complete with two other "mom" witnesses.  Like the goal of the movie was to pack a series of stressful events together into 98 minutes and try to make them funny.  I just didn't see the point to the movie, many of these "funny" events weren't even funny.  They show here twisting her ankle in high heeled shoes as she walks down the sidewalk, supposed to be funny, (I can so relate, I don't think I could walk in heels any more) but then a minute later she is running across the parking lot in those same heels.

Well, I have been attending a monthly Mom's Night Out for about the past 12 years.  Yes every month. When my boys were younger these nights were so imperative.  It was time for me to be with other women (and over the years a couple of men) who understand where I am coming from, who know what it is like being home with the kids, running around to park days and activities.   I so enjoyed getting out without my children or husband and getting together like that, for even just a couple of hours.  We could talk about the husband and kids and our lives, and each other and our passions and hobbies..  We sometimes laugh so hard we are in tears.  We share our sorrows as well and support each other.  I have made some life long friends with the help of Mom's Night Out.  Which is why I still attend.  Not because I am not away from my children on other days, my boys are older now and more than capable of staying home alone.  But because of the friendships I have made, a chance to reconnect with these people, some I see on a more frequent basis and some not.  A chance to welcome other moms into the monthly ritual, and support those moms. It is nourishment for the soul.

I feel like that could have been a topic for such a great movie, with laughter and tears, sharing moments.  But it really fell short.  I was disappointed.

Now the sun is starting to rise, I can see light peeking in the window, so time to move forward with my day. I hope you all had, and continue to have, a wonderful week!


Deborah Weber said...

How wonderful you've kept your Mom's Night Out tradition going for so long - what a brilliant way to nurture yourself!

Pam Genant said...

Thanks Deborah, I do love my MNO! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Cynthia Lee said...

I haven't seen the movie but I know that Mom's Night Out was a life saver for me in my early days of homeschooling. Once we moved from North Carolina, I never found that type of group again. No one would make time for it. sad.