Monday, August 18, 2014


I lay in bed tonight just thinking.  Nothing on the TV or the radio, just me in the silence, thinking about a situation and what to think about it, what to do, maybe nothing, maybe something.  Feeling a little lost, and a little frustrated.  And outside the window a bird started to sing.  Just one bird but so piercing, like she was singing "look at me, listen to me, stop thinking and just listen".  So I did.  I stopped all the thoughts running through my head and just listened to that wonderful bird.  I even peeked out the window through the trees to see if I could find where that sweet sound was originating, but no, I couldn't.  Too many hiding places out there. And maybe I was not meant to see where the melody started, but only listen and be carried away on the lovely tune.  Transported to a carefree place, even for just a moment in time.  No worries, no thoughts, no judgments, just being here, now.

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