Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where I Knit

As you probably have already guessed, this week I am knitting on the beach.  LOVE IT!!  I am not sure it gets much better than this.  Ironically I am knitting a winter scarf.  But I know soon fall will be here and before we know it we will be surrounded by chilly days and cold nights.  The yarn is a Cascade wool yarn, and I think the color ways for their yarn are just beautiful, this one is purple and green, such a lovely combination.  The pattern I am following is called Framed, originally by Susan Gater.  You can find this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here, if you are a Ravelry user, if you are not a Ravelry should be.  Here is a better view of the work in progress.

A friend is helping me wind the hanks of yarn that I brought with me.  The owner of the yarn shop, where I purchase about 95% if my yarn, will wind it for me at no cost.  But I really enjoy winding it myself.  It is something that my mother and I used to do together and while winding the yarn I can feel the thickness of the yarn and the weight and really see the color.  The yarn tells me so much by just taking the time to wind it myself, and think about what I want to create with each hank.  I learn so much by just being present and not trying to rush this process or have someone do it for me.  So now it is something my friend and I share.

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